The cost effectve, low-cost and flexible solution to field surveys and data capture, anywhere!

A feature-rich PC application allowing you to capturing all the data you need. With a companion mobile app keeps you up to date with where you need to be and what you need to do.


Easy Install. The system installs with a single-click. Within minutes you're up to speed and ready to go.

Always up-to-date. The system monitors itself and automatically installs the latest version and tasks care of any required data updates for you.


Anywhere. Capture your data literally anywhere, there is no need for a live internet connection. You can sync later on when you have a connection.

Up-to-the-minute. The system uploads your saved data and downloads anything new. Data gets back to head office fast!


Secure, Users can be locked out with a single click. The system uses the very latest Microsoft technologies.

Data is only retained on the local machine as long as it needs to be. It's encrypted too, so if the machine is lost your data isn't.

Runs on any version of Windows from From Windows-XP to Windows-10